Tim Bartus

cyber security

4 Steps to Zero Trust

Leveraging Zero Trust security helps organizations avoid data breaches. With Zero Trust, all users, devices, other networks, and resources are untrusted by default. It embodies “trust nothing, verify everything.”

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Oktane Entry hall

Oktane21: Highlights and Takeaways

Okta held their annual users’ conference Oktane21 from April 6-8, 2021, and like 2020, it was held virtually, complete with exhibition halls, booths, and keynotes.  BeyondID was a sponsor of Oktane21, hosted a booth at the event, and held an informative panel discussion with customers ATN International, Inception Health, and Johnson Financial Group. 

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identity management isometric

Gartner: IAM and Service Partner Growth

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is about visibility and control. In an increasingly digital-first business landscape, it is top of mind for IT teams to ensure that company resources and data are accessed appropriately and securely, at any time, from any place, and by customers, employees, and partners.

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