Ensure Compliance Controls

Today we cannot afford for governance and compliance controls to be an afterthought. The cost of noncompliance is just too high.

One of the main areas of compliance involves IT systems and data privacy; particularly user access policies.


You must define and enforce user access policies such as Segregation of Duties (SOD) and automate the process of reviewing user access rights throughout your organization.  Such process must have the streamlined capability for business managers to approve and revoke access as part of a centralized governance program.

A modern identity, governance and administration (IGA) framework empowers business and IT to work together to meet regulatory compliance and security goals across enterprise applications and data. Such framework must be comprehesive to cover a full spectrum of enterprise capabilities such as enterprise user lifecycle management, access risk assessment and mitigation, certification, password management as well as robust analytics and reporting to enable business to make the right decisions on enterprise access.


To elaborate further on these capabilities:


  • User Lifecycle Management:  The solution must enable full provisioning and workflow capabilities, leveraging open integration to quickly onboard, manage and simplify Identity Management.

  • Audit compliance: The solution must facilitate communication between auditors and IT to help identify risk and highlight segregation of duties violations across enterprise applications.

  • Access control: The solution must also provide better visibility and user access control through consolidating access entitlements from applications and employing systems for role mining, modeling, optimization and analytics to reduce risk.

The solution to enable the above mentioned capabilities must factor in the following features:

  • Enable certification: flexible and powerful workflow allowing users to easily recertify access.

  • Determine SOD violations: business activity based SOD and resolution process.

  • Consolidate access entitlements: connectors to applications to offer better visibility and user access control for role mining, modeling and optimization.

  • Provide complete user lifecycle management that includes integrated workflow provisioning and password management. 

To do so you must invest in the right system and work with the team that have years of experience in designing and implementing effective compliance control platform.

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