Implement API Gateway

Companies accelerate digital innovation and transformation with APIs.  


APIs are securely managed through an API gateway.  API gateway acts as a single entry point into a system and it fulfills tasks such as request routing, composition and protocol translation. 


API gateway allows apps to exchange data with other applications while insulates the client applications from how the application is partitioned into microservices. 


Microservice architecture provides software apps as a suite of independently deployable, small and modular services to serve a business goal.  Such microservices can also be made available through mobile gateway. Mobile gateway must provide application security and must scale to meet subscription demand.


API gateway connects applications and services while optimizing workload delivery.  API gateway can also be multi-channel supporting modern channels (mobile/API) with traditional channels (SOA, B2B and web).

With API gateway, companies can expose various services to internal and external parties, which will lead to additional source of monetization. Companies can build these services with functionality including support for setting up pricing rules, based on usage, load and functionality, issuing invoices and collecting payments including multiple types of credit card payments.

Building a robust API gateway requires a proper planning and deployment of 

API management platform. API management is the process of publishing, documenting and overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure, scalable environment.

API management includes an application integration framework for companies to achieve the following benefits: 

  • Build agile and scalable applications

  • Service layer that can keep front-end system loosely coupled with back-end services leading to future-proofing your IT investments

  • Provide platform to connect with internal or external digital assets with ease

  • Offer a mixture of services available in cloud or on-premise 

Once the application integration framework is built, it enables companies to engage developers internally and externally to deploy services rapidly with ease and at scale. It also prepares companies to rapidly build these services and offer to meet business objectives in alignment with your customer and partner agreements.

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