Identity and Access Management

Protect against security breaches

More successful your business is that more likely you will be the target for around the clock unwanted hacking. And, you do not want to be the next major news headline for the wrong reason. It is NOT the wishful thinking that no one compromise your cyber security will protect you but having the proper strategy and actionable plan that will prepare you to defend against all these malicious activities.

Threats are not only real from perimeter outside your company but also from within your company, as you learn about frequent security breaches with root causes pointing to internal security vulnerabilities. So protecting your company, people and assets in ever increasing mobile and dynamic world requires that you have a proper security strategy and actionable plan against these attacks.

One of the most important ways to increase protection is to establish and deploy modern identity and access management architecture. With the right security architecture and infrastructure that includes SSO, user lifecycle management, adaptive authentication, data governance and secure API access management, you can effectively build that modern moat to keep all the unwanted hackers away from your precious corporate assets.

The modern security moat must be built with the flexibility for authorized employees, contractors, partners and customers to access digital assets from any device anywhere in the world.  Access must be authorized with the proper level of security with access policy that includes context based authentication combining factors such as role, location, time and device. 

Building such a resilient and future-proof security architecture and infrastructure requires partnering with the team with a comprehensive understanding and deep subject matter expertise in designing, deploying and managing solutions throughout your corporate IT stack.

Manage user lifecycle and reduce IT friction

A healthy and dynamic business means that employees and contractors join, leave or frequently change their roles.   As employees and contractors join, move or leave your organization, you will also need to plan and build corporate services that are secure, flexible and efficient.

Activities will involve tasks such as provisioning these users to the right applications at the right time so they can be immediately productive and contribute to the company’s topline and bottomline.  And, when users transition from one role to another, rights to access specific applications or digital assets may change as well, so you will need a robust solution with automation where applicable, and streamlining actions including required approvals for such changes.


What about users leaving organization?  Removing their access to applications become vital to protecting your assets and reducing huge liability.  But then there may be a select group of applications that these users may still need access to beyond their active status.


Not done right this will add a huge amount of inefficiency, slow down user

productivity and add unnecessary liability. Imagine a state where your users are immediately productive on day one because they are granted access to all the right applications at the right time. Ability to get employees and contractors access to digital assets on-demand will be a huge productivity booster. 


And, when they leave or change their role, you will be able either remove their access or change their access to those applications.  This means elimination of risk for unnecessary data breach and security liability.

User lifecycle can be fully integrated with HR systems or IT helpdesk process so that your HR and IT teams can be effective in on-boarding and off-boarding employees and contractors. 

Doing this right requires that you plan, design and deploy the right user lifecycle system that streamlines user lifecycle and reduce IT friction.  The right team with such expertise can help implement best practices and accelerate your adoption of proper user lifecycle management.

Secure and Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience drives customer delight and Sales. Customer experience is not only important to acquire new customers but also to secure repeat business from and retention of those valuable customers. This is true for both transactional as well as subscription based businesses.


Customer experience also drives down the cost of doing business. Delivering great experiences actually reduces the cost to serve customers. Unhappy customers are expensive, for example, they are likely to return products and require more support.


One of the best ways to improving customer experience and delighting customers is to offer outstanding digital experiences including personalized marketing and seamless engagement throughout the customer journey.

Customers expect that their digital experience with your enterprise is as good as most consumer grade apps in the market. This is vital to maintaining your appeal to the market and competitive edge.

Security must be a major focus while building system that offers superior customer experience.  The bottom-line is that you don’t want unauthorized access leading to data breaches including consumer information and account credentials.

Customer access to various cloud or on-prem based digital assets through a robust service layer can enhance customer experience. Solution with enhanced authentication without added complexity and seamless customer experience is available today. 

Building such security and service layer does not have to be complicated. Developers can use their desired language and platform while leveraging best security and API management platform.

Customers should be able to leverage existing identity services that they have already invested in. That means a security architecture that enables federated access and provisioning to your web or mobile properties using published APIs.

Customers should be able to use social logins and be able to use web or mobile devices for the omni-channel experience. Customer accessing your portal or ecommerce site must get seamless access that protects your brand 

Great news is that the right team with expertise can help you design and deploy tailored solutions to meet your higher customer satisfaction standards. 

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