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Retail businesses are being driven by the consumer experience now more than ever. Last year, 56% of consumers bought from a new retailer. Certainly, part of this shift has been driven by the pandemic and the dramatic increase in online buying. But it’s also the consumer’s growing expectation that retailers will deliver a highly personalized, seamless and secure shopping experience and make it available anywhere, anytime.

An omnichannel environment helps with the anywhere, anytime experience. But with decentralized touchpoints, stand-alone systems and tangled integrations, it doesn’t deliver everything retailers need – a consistent, online secure customer experience that builds consumer loyalty. Online vs offline, different stores, different countries, identity protection. Today’s customers demand an amazing and highly secure interaction wherever they go, and retailers must adapt.

This is unified commerce. Unified commerce uses a single tech stack that allows interoperability and interaction at consumer touchpoints and provides retailers with the following: 

  • A seamless digital customer experience, including one point of access 
  • 360-degree view of your customer and their engagement with your brand 
  • A fully integrated approach to eCommerce  
  • One customer, one order, one user experience across all retail channels, including multi-national  
  • Consumer data protection at every touchpoint in the engagement process  
  • Alleviate resource constraints with IT implementation 

Major retailers have partnered with BeyondID to assist in their unified commerce strategies and help transform their business. We can help transition your customers from anonymous buyer to informed buyer to loyal customer. With companies like Discount Tire and VF Corp utilizing our services, you can rely on us to deliver the strategies and implementation needed to put a unified commerce plan in place.

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