Workplace by Facebook Services

BeyondID partners with Workplace by Facebook to deliver a modern workforce experience that enhances collaboration, connection and communication. Workers require immediate access to digital properties, company and team information, as well as an easy way to connect with colleagues, all with the right level of security. Workplace is a single platform solution.

Today, employees want :

  • To be recognized for their contributions to the community.

  • To work on-the-go using a world-class mobile experience without limitations.

  • To communicate in more modern ways.

  • To share and learn from all corners of the organization.

  • To collaborate in groups using the digital tools they use in their personal lives video, emojis, gifs, chat – not just email.

  • A workplace that meet the needs of their generation.

  • A work culture that is aligned to their values.

Modern Workforce Opportunities

A modern, mobile-first connection and communication platform


Share info and receive feedback. Press releases through live video


Manage teams and collaborate as a community.  Crowdsourcing, Ideation, Brainstorming with the entire value chain


Make business processes more efficient. Use bots to send surveys, electronic forms, integration with legacy systems

Workplace by Facebook


Chat & group chat

Groups & multi-company groups

Live streaming

Video calling


Unlimited Storage

Bots to automate tasks

Automatic translation

  • Organizations feel flatter, people feel closer. Easier to share news and announcements.

  • Work is better, faster because everyone has a voice. Messages, voice and video calls on the go.

  • Employees are engaged. Business outcomes are better. Deliver one company dialogue.

  • HR Leaders use Workplace to transform company culture. Latest HR updates. Live training.

  • Internal Comms use Workplace to land the message. Broadcast news and updates.

  • CEOs use Workplace to make their organizations feel smaller.  Live videos to share their vision.

  • Simplify workflows for your team: simplify business processes with bots, crowdsource knowledge.

  • Boost efficiency with Workplace:  simplify tasks with bots. Integration to streamline IT workflows.

  • Integrate Workplace into IAM (Identity and Access Management) for secure, centralized management

Benefits of Using Workplace

BeyondID, with decades of combined experience delivering enterprise customers around the globe, assists organizations to deploy Workplace and start streamlining the way their employees work. From advice and proof-of-concept to business transformation, BeyondID can help to increase productivity and employee engagement with Workplace by Facebook Services. BeyondID is a Workplace by Facebook reseller.

BeyondID can assist you with Workplace implementation

  • Executive Workshops

  • Leverage C-Suite to promote launch

Leadership Engagement

  • Whitelisting, Managing employee accounts/identity, Automation

  • Integrations with popular productivity software and custom integrations

  • Integrations with your legacy systems

  • Integrations with your choice of Identity Providers such as Okta

Technical Integration

  • Creation of core groups, moderated announcement groups and membership

  • Move repeated or tedious workflows into Workspace


  • Tailored communications strategy


  • Identify and train internal champions to drive usage adoption


BeyondID Workplace Sprint Package:

Designed as a starter package to perform a basic launch of your Workplace from initial consultation for change management, communications strategy, training and basic integrations.

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BeyondID offers value-added services

Consulting Services: Digital Transformation Strategy & Plan, Change Management Strategy & Plan, Value Assessment Workshop/Business Case

Communication Services: Modern Communication Strategy & Plan. Executive Management Workshop

Implementation Services: Systems Requirements, Security, Data, Privacy, Mobility Plan & Identity Services. Account Management Planning, Provisioning Services, Roll-out Services, Workflow & Group Structure.

Training Services: Launch Services, Champion Training, Organization-Wide Training.

Automation Services: Basic Automation: Out of box integrations, File Storage integrations, Functional Consultations. Workflow Workshops.  Advanced Automation: Customer App Integration and Custom Bot development.

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